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We all have to just Breathe and Hold On

First Published 31st March 2020

Going out. Seeing people. Opinions. Life around us. Nature. It all gives us an important sense of perspective; and crucially that ability to believe that a transient state isn’t our final or only destination. Undoubtedly, these unprecedented times will have impacted on that greatly. They’ve thrown us all into varying degrees of uncertainty - be it for health or finance - a perfect breeding ground for greater fear and even greater irrational and worrying thought. And somewhat ironically, at a time when food is being fought over, we are instead readily fed our daily diet of negative press and social media.

But the one thing I’ve learnt - albeit in a truly horrible way - is how liberating it is to try to live your very best life without fear. To me, that means without overly worrying about what tomorrow or the next day might bring - as someone said to me recently, when did worry actually ever really help anybody? In reality, worry doesn’t ever help or influence change of any outcome; it’s just some kind of insurance policy we all seem conditioned to do. But in reality all it really does is negatively feed that fear. And that irrational thought process.

Times are tough. Undoubtedly. I’ve really struggled mentally some days and this is probably only just the beginning. But somehow we have to keep reminding both ourselves and each other that no problem has ever been beyond improvement. A few months ago social media was full of blame for our ever worsening climate crisis and theories about what needed to be done to save our waning planet. And now look...Mother Nature is doing her thing and rebooting.

In truth, we never know what’s around the corner, be it good or bad - and that is both exciting and frightening. But what we can do now is take this time to reflect on life, nature, family, those things that really, really matter to us. We will all have opinions about whether ‘we’ are being told to do the right or wrong thing or whether someone we know, or don’t know, has been breaking the rules or swiping loo roll. But in reality the one thing that really matters most is you today. Here and now. The person you’ve become and the people around you. Life going forward will be different, but as I keep learning and abiding by, we need to try to keep finding the good things that come out of bad. Sometimes they are hard to see. And sometimes, like now, we just need to look outside and see that they can be all around us. Even in the darkest times life is never all bad. And what is ‘now’ has never been forever.

So please keep breathing. And keep holding on.

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