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Valuing Christmas and the Journey Getting Here

As I stood waiting at the airport arrivals gate for my daughter the other day my heart warmed at the sight, and sheer delight, of family and friends reunited.

The careful scanning of the sea of faces; all waiting, mostly patiently - some impatiently - for their special person or people to appear from behind the sliding doors. All looking for clues. Nationality clues, clothing clues, baggage clues for whether their loved ones flight might me the one coming through. And then there it is; a momentary pause as recognition dawns. The almost immediate and spontaneous rupture of smiles and quickening steps as the reunited rush together. The hugs, the kisses, the scooping up of ‘haven’t you grown’ little people, the expressions of love, warmth, delight - some so overt, some almost covert - but so many people arrived and welcomed and loved for Christmas.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also stand there for some moments fantasising about MIchael walking through the doors also -I play those type of cruel tricks with my head sometimes - but mostly I felt warmth. The world seemed a good and positive place to be. So strip away all the commercial crap and pressure to spend money then the real value of Christmas - of the purpose it gives to family and friends to unite - really can make it an incredibly special time of year.

So this morning I arrived in Salcombe with my two beautiful daughters. It’s something I’ve never done at this time of year before but I really needed to do something different - and Salcombe has a special place in my heart as it’s where I did a little bit of healing this summer. I hope to heal a little more again on this trip and I’m pretty sure that with my daughters by my side, the sight of this estuary - be it through wind, sunshine or rain - will do all it can to soothe my damaged soul. Whether it ever fully heals I very much doubt. Part of me thinks it will always haunt, but I have to try to measure myself by progress. And I have to say I feel pretty proud and happy with how far I’ve come so far; and right now that feels more important than how far I’ve got to go.

I intend to take in that view and happily drink to that! 🥂🥂🥂

Thank you to all of you for your incredible support since this Foundation started and a very Happy Christmas to you from all at Even Keel.


And remember, if you are feeling lonely then you are not alone. There is always someone to talk to and ready to listen to whatever you are feeling. People who will understand. People who will help. Visit www.theevenkeelfoundation.com/helplines or if you urgently need to speak to someone then you can call the Samaritans 24 hour helpline on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org. If you’d feel more comfortable texting someone then you can text SHOUT to 85258

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