The Even Keel Foundation was established in memory of Michael Keel to help

unmask mental health issues in men and prevent male suicide, the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.


We want men to know that it's okay to feel vulnerable; that it's okay not to feel okay - and that it's really really good to talk. We are particularly focused, though not exclusively, on those men who work in farming and horse racing as both played a a significant role in Michael's life, and both are sadly vulnerable sectors when it comes to male mental health.



So much support for The Even Keel Foundation at this year's Beaufort Christmas Fair!


Wonderful to see so many retailers and models coming together to showcase some amazing outfits and support Even Keel!

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 Beaufort Polo Club

Masquerade Ball

In Aid of The Even Keel Foundation

Saturday 16th May 2020

Guest Speaker: Marchioness Clare Milford-Haven

Auctioneer: Adam Henson



Mental health in agriculture

Horse Racing

Mental Health in Horseracing